Truck Accessories

Suspension lift kits are a system of springs and blocks that are used to raise your vehicle by suspending the frame, body, engine and power train above its wheels.

Suspension lift kits have become very popular among off road vehicle enthusiasts who wish to give their truck a unique and muscular look. Since the wheels of a truck accelerate, stop, and steer, a suspension lift kit also keeps the tires in contact with the road surface at all times. Here at McLea’s tire and Automotive Centers, we offer the most reliable brands of suspension lifts, body lift kits and lift leveling products on the market today.

Off Road enthusiasts can now enlarge their rig’s appearance with the help of a top quality suspension lift kit and improve its style and performance. Suspension lifts allows the trucks owner to freely take on even the toughest off-road trails. We Carry specific suspension kits, designed for your particular truck model, making sure we have all the parts needed to correctly lift your ride.

McLea’s tire is the leader of suspension lift kits in Sonoma County. We have several lines of suspension lift kits, body lift kits and lift leveling products. We offer the lowest prices on every suspension lift kit from the leading manufacturers.

Manufacturers We Carry

  • RCD
  • Race Car Dynamics offers a wide range of suspension and high performance shocks to help improve handling and comfort. Their lift kits offer some of the most technically advanced systems on the market.
  • Fabtech
  • Offering some of the best 4 wheel drive suspension systems on the market, Fabtech is a professional American car component manufacturer.
  • Cognito Motor Sports
  • Cognito offers a wide selection of lift kits, leveling kits, suspension kits and more. Their components are tough and their customer service is top notch.
  • Rubicon Express
  • The leader in Off-Road and Jeep lift kits and suspension components.
  • CST Suspension
  • Innovation and performance are the top concerns of CST Suspension. Their suspension systems are based on superior design and engineering, utilizing the strongest and best built components available.
  • CSI
  • Competation Specialties Inc. provides a wide range of vehicle and automotive accessories.
  • Reunell
  • Developing some of the toughest and most durable bumpers for American trucks since 1987. These bumpers can take a beating and they give your truck a tough look.
  • Rancho
  • Go Rancho today! for the best deals and toughest suspensions on the market. McLeas is your local Rancho dealership.
  • Revtech
  • Offering top notch engines and gearboxes. Their synthetic oils will keep your car or truck running smoothly for miles to come.