McLea's Automotive Provides Affordable and Fast Oil Changes in Santa Rosa, CA

December 13th, 2016

You're busy with all the daily things in your life, and an oil change seems unimportant until your car breaks down. Reasons and excuses abound to postpone an oil change. However, there are six good reasons why you should put an oil change at the top of your to-do list without delay:

  • Clean oil lubricates the crank shaft and connecting rods which control the pistons that go up and down as well as the camshaft and other fast-moving parts in your engine. These parts need oil so that they do not grind together and corrode. You'll notice the difference; oil changes in Santa Rosa will result in a quieter, smoother ride.

  • Clean oil provides the lubrication necessary to reduce friction and heat. If you've seen a car overheating on the side of the road, it's often the result of a missed oil change. An engine that runs cool is an engine that runs more efficiently.

  • Clean oil improves gas mileage. Regular oil changes in Santa Rosa can reduce gas consumption by up to 2 percent, says the U.S. Department of Energy. These savings add up over time, resulting in maintenance that easily pays for itself in the long run.

  • Clean oil prevents dirt and debris build-up on your engine and stops oil from breaking down and turning to sludge. A clean engine, fortified regularly by clean oil, runs more productively.

  • Clean oil helps keep emissions low, enabling your car to more easily pass emissions tests.

  • Clean oil extends your car's longevity. The reverse is also true: A compromised engine works harder and falters sooner. Sticking with regularly scheduled oil changes helps preserve the investment you've made in your car because regular maintenance pays off.

When you add up the reasons, there's no reason to delay calling McLea's Tire and Automotive Center at 707-395-8185 to schedule quick, affordable oil changes in Santa Rosa today.

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