McLea's Automotive Provides Affordable and Fast Oil Changes in Petaluma, CA

December 10th, 2016

Few warning signs are more imposing than the “check engine light” or the outline image of a dripping oil can on the dashboard.

If either one of these signs prompts you to stop for oil changes in Petaluma, California, consider it a good thing. Fresh oil helps keep your engine running smoothly. But since these signs can sometimes elude you, other indications may signal that you need an oil change.

  • If you've put 3,000 miles on your vehicle since your last oil change or, worse, it's been so long that you simply cannot remember, check your car's manual for a recommendation. Some makers say you can go longer between oil changes. But if you drive regularly and depend heavily on your car, you might view regular oil changes as a small price to pay for peace of mind.

  • If you hear grinding noises emanating from the engine, such sounds are the type of consequence that lubrication from regular oil changes in Petaluma is meant to prevent.

  • If you detect the smell of burning oil, even if it's a brief whiff, be sure to get that checked. (You also might have an oil leak.)

At this point, you or someone you trust with your car should perform the following checks:

  • Check the oil level after popping the hood of your car, remembering to wipe the dipstick and reinsert it for the most accurate check. You'll know in mere seconds if it's time for an oil change in Petaluma.

  • Check the color of the oil. Clean oil is amber; dirty oil that needs to be replaced is dark (usually black) because of a buildup of dirt.

  • Check the consistency of the oil by rubbing a small amount between your thumb and forefinger. If the oil feels gritty, it's time to stop for an oil change in Petaluma.

If you're in doubt about whether you need an oil change, don't take the risk of doing damage to your engine. Call McLea's Tire and Automotive Center at 707-395-8185 or take your car there for a fast and affordable oil change – and leave with your “peace of mind tank” contentedly on full.

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